"Two Friends, Totally Different"
“Two Friends, Totally Different”

 When looking at this photo what do you think? (Assuming you don’t know us) Oh they’re pretty, they’re both foreign, I wonder where they might be from, I wonder if she is Mexican (left) and if she is from India (right). You don’t realize that you are making these assumptions until after they are made.

We all see people around us and try to figure them out before talking to them, why is that? Why can’t we make conversation and get to know who they really are before evaluating them?

This girl on the right is my best friend. We both have two completely different religions, cultures, ethnicity, and two different political views.  Despite all these differences we are still best friends. To some you might be confused on why this would matter, but what you don’t realize is that around the world there are actual wars because of  differences like that.

During the Partition of India in 1947 the Muslims were forced out of India into Pakistan because of the areas in India that were majorly Hindu. There were many slaughters on both sides just because of their religion. Then there is Israel, against almost all the countries surrounding them just because they are a Jewish country.

Between North Korea and the United States of America there is major animosity between because of their political views and cultural differences.

The list can go on and on. What if people around the world could just listen to each other and talk to each other in a civilized matter. There would be more friendships around the world with different cultures. If we don’t assume straight away because of how they look, talk, or their religion then there would no longer be unnecessary wars and slaughters. The word “world peace” would actually mean something.

If my friend and I could drop our differences and get to know each other without trying to assume things about one another, then others could also do the same. It’s simple. Next time you see someone Hispanic, don’t come to the conclusion they are Mexican. There is more than one Hispanic country. If someone looks Indian they might be from Trinidad or elsewhere. Try approaching people who look different than you and striking up a conversation, you might learn something new of another culture or country.


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