A person to learn from


About two weeks ago I interviewed a lady who I will never forget. Elisabeth Seaman is a holocaust survivor and has become a mediator. She told me how she forgave the people who sent her and her family to the Holocaust concentration camps. She feels like loving and forgiving is the way to peace.

She had never planned to be a mediator but it was like it was sent to her to discover is something she discovered later in her life and now she knows it was meant to be. Mediation is a way she can help others find peace like she did.

She is an unforgettable person who dealt with hardships no young girl should ever have had to go through. It was all because of a man whose hatred towards a religion and its people caused so many inauspicious deaths.

We can ask ourselves why it happened, why no one stopped him but truthfully we know the answers for both questions. It was turning a blind eye. The people of that era knew that something bad was happening but felt like it was not their problem. Because of the world’s ignorance of not stopping before it was too late many suffered.

When we turn a blind eye to others being judged or stereotyped we are committing the same mistake people committed 7o years ago. We need to open our eyes and mind and realize that making assumptions, judging and stereotyping opens the door to hatred; a quality that no human should ever have. Not only does the victim suffers and feels belittled but you will also suffer from your own hatred even if it was a “joke”.  We need to think twice before allowing ourselves to fall In the cycle of hatred.

“Forgive but never Forget” -Elizabeth Seaman


3 thoughts on “A person to learn from”

  1. That is so true, sometimes we do things not realizing that we are impacting and hurting others. it is very important for us to be aware of what we say, and put ourselves in the shoes of the other person. How would we feel if someone said the exact words to us. (food for thought)

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