Week 2 and where do I begin

Hello everyone reading this not so boring blog! Welcome and enjoy this bumpy ride of week two. 

This past week has been a whirl wind. There have been lots of crying mostly because this heat has taken my emotions on an all time high. So the week started out good. I visited two new locations New Light has. 


This is the first new location that I visited. Getting to Starfish was a lot of fun. I was able to take a metro with AC! I also had good conversations with the teacher I went with. People in the metro just stared at me. I would stare back. I felt like I was having staring contests with everyone. I was even getting hit on, people where just real forward with me (sorry guys I gave fake number to).

At Starfish, the children there were just super cute. I taught them an American game I payed in elementary school. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure I butchered that game. I called it the “vowel frog” game. Before I got to India I expected to be with more women, not so much with children, so I didn’t come mentally prepared with hand games. Everything is from my memory…. at least I have something, right? 

Below are just three bad quality photos of some of the sweetest, cutest and intelligent children I have ever met. (No I did not help any of them make those tall tower things😎)

Let’s just say starfish was a successful time. 

New Light Shelter II

This one was very different from the rest I visited that week. Not only could the children have thoughtful English conversations, they wanted to know everything about me and my life (which wasn’t as exciting as they thought it would be haha). They had expected that I met John Cena or at least Seth Rogen,  I mean come on now right,  who hasn’t met any of those. I had to crush their hearts and say no. I did mention that I met Hillary Duff and even had an awkward meet and greet with her. None of the kids had ever heard of her!!!!! Not even of Lizzie McGuire. Now that’s a whole other issue on its own. I must be old. 

To get to this shelter, it was walking distance from the main shelter I’m normally at. I thought it would be in a random home or another separate building next to other homes. But nope. We had to go through a cremation place. I’m not going to lie, it was freaky. The shelter was next to a river and dead people. Talk about some real protection. I didn’t take pictures of this place, but next time I will. 

Besides talking to the children about my life, they begged me to teach them to dance. The teachers told them I was good dancer! Now that was a first for me. Me? A good dancer? So for like an hour I taught them salsa and made up a routine to the song chandelier by Sia. The girls and even some guys were super bump they now too knew how to dance. To end my time there we all gathered around me and I shared my pre-studying techniques and my studying techniques. I mean everyone was REALLY listening to me. There was even a 7 year-old who I believe was taking mental notes. The kid was super smart. He was a math wiz at 7!!!! He definitely has a bright future. 

Other things 

You are probably wondering where the teachers have seen me dance…? Well at the main shelter I’ve gotten the children there to become addicted to dancing. I seriously never realized how much I knew nor how much I love to dance. These kids laugh, giggle, and dance their little hearts out. It’s such a blessing experience to see children who have gone through so much have a smile on their faces. It’s beyond humbling. 

I still really haven’t started my project nor what I expected to be doing at New Light. It’s been frustrating to say the least. I might have been more frustrated then because of a big cold I got. I mean I couldn’t breath at times and I was coughing like a dog. I big crazy dog. I even had to leave the main shelter early because I was getting light-headed and weak. There was a slow high fever involved but that got in control real quick. #thankyouChristianScience 

Now not only was I frustrated with that, but this past Saturday my wallet was stolen. Now don’t get alarm, I am fine and nothing happen to me. Things like this have become too normal for me. It seems everywhere I travel something is stolen from me. Luckily, I had a couple of hundred dollars I was able to convert to the Indian Currency. But I am staying calm and now my account is frozen and I have no way of getting any other type of money out. My dad is working really hard with my very too secure bank. Thank you dad for your patience!! Saturday I spent 3-4 hours at the police station. If it weren’t for my police officer in charge I might have gone blostic with everyone else. Someone even implied I was lying!! I mean hello who wants to spend their evening with a bunch of men who seriously have no idea what to do. It drove me crazy. I even started crying like crazy. At that moment they literally had no idea what to do with me. They took me to a room with AC and told me “please calm down, now there is AC”. Like AC was about to solve all my problems. Anyways at the end I wrote a report and they gave me some number and told me that’s all they could do for me. The end. 

Even when I found out my wallet was stolen I had a friend there who seriously was amazing to me. He showed me around, calmed me down, and bought me endless bottle waters to keep me hydrated. He even paid for me to get to the police station and translated for me. Thanks bro! 

Below are a few shoots taken right before leaving to the police station. 

My final thoughts of the day are to the men who work for New Light media center. They knew I wasn’t eating and was feeling sick so they took it upon themselves (of course with my advisor approval) to cook for me a few meals. They were all cooking and trying to be 5 star chefs. It was a great sight to see. Three men cooking for me. They put the food on the table nicely, and even served me. It was great. One of them is a total goof ball, to make me laugh he put a towel on his head. They wanted me to feel better and to eat. I sincerely thank each of the three men who did this for me. There were more watersheds that day because of them. Didn’t I tell you my emotions have been on an all time high. 

Hahaha well I can definitely say week two has had its ups and downs. All that has happened have been part of my experience. Today I am doing well and I am happy. That’s the main thing to know. 

Preview of next blog: new friends and yes two are American interns, dancing with local children on a stage, teaching Spanish, realizing I don’t like Indian sweets, and new shelters. 

Thank you for taking time to read this, till next time. ADIOS! 


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